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The first release from Melbourne metallers Illa Turba. This demo is the mark of what will be the future in metal. Everything heavy, everything fast, everything angry. Channel your inner aggression and prepare to mosh to this band of up and comers!


released September 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Rick Grimm's Illa Turba Melbourne, Australia

The band started out as a way for frontman and guitarist Rick to let out his creative soul but quickly developed. Forming in early the group quickly released a demo and set upon gigging. Due to some unfortunate circumstances the band had to undergo a lineup change before it could make any traction. However, they are on their feet again and about to change people's lives! ... more

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Track Name: Asylum
(Verse 1)
An empty night a crowded cell
Gripped bare on barbed wire hell
They sit and rot all by themselves
We sit out here and won't let them out

Apathetic to the slaughter
We drown them at the border
Face down in the water
Asylum is a human right

We hear it in the whispers
Their pain sits in the distance
Our Government has tricked us
Asylum is a human right

Subjected to the violence
Refuse to give asylum
Why do we deny them
Asylum is a human right
(Verse 2)
No roof sits above their head
Rain drips into blood soaked beds
Shedding tears almost every night
This degradation is just not right!
Hoping and searching for a solution
Pleading and praying for retribution
Dying, dissenting, stitching their lips shut
Fleeing and drowning for the hope of asylum…
Asylum… Asylum…
Asylum is a human right
Track Name: Napalm-Jäger Cocktail Shot
(Verse 1)
Faces are pale
Destined to fail
Chopper water
Only moments to the slaughter
Beast is rising
Men are crying
Rain is pouring
Can you hear the ocean calling?
(Pre Chorus)
Can you hear it?
Floorboards creaking
Floorboards weakening
Can you see it?
Fangs are dripping
Faith is slipping
Men will float until they rot
No chance to survive
Watch all of fate unwind
Napalm Jäger Cocktail Shot
Watch our savior step forth
Our last chance and a torch
Destroy the beast of the sea, with a
Napalm Jäger Cocktail Shot
(Verse 2) 
Filled with hatred
Breath is putrid
Flesh is tasted
Watching soldiers souls get wasted
Beast is feeding
Men are bleeding
Take your last breath
Drag you to the haunted dark depths
(Pre Chorus)
Track Name: Off With His Jaw
Verse 1:
Shut up cunt, I’m fucking sick of you,
The lies you tell and everything you’ve put me through
(Rip your face ‘cause I hate you!)
I think it’s time someone teaches you a lesson
Let’s see you speak when your fucking jaw is missing
(Rip his jaw off, smash his face in)
Pre Chorus:
(Smashing, faces)
(Bricks in, faces)

Hating for the sake of hating
Fighting for the sake of fighting
Killing for the sake of killing
Off with his jaw

Verse 2:
You look so funny, lying in the fucking ditch,
Never thought that it would ever come to this
(Rip your face ‘cause I hate you!)
But the act isn’t over yet my dear friend
The bottom of my docs are itching for your head
(Stomp his face in, rip his jaw off)
Track Name: Swing
Feel the blood trickle, down the skin
See the blood ooze, my wounded kin
Vicious strike outward, a solid drop down
Police bat, the weapon, to cleanse this town.

Wipe the tears away, dry those sullen eyes
Hard pressed to find a person, who'll sympathize
We're sick of the languor, we're sick of the pain
We're sick of the oppression committed in our name
and so…

Rise, with weapons of the incredible,
The world can’t stop us, the world can’t stop us
Just take aim and swing the bat,
Defeat the unrighteous.

Mobilize the people, align them to the cause
Help them from the pit to escape the machine's jaws
Wake them from their stupor, break them from the mold.
Bring light to all the lies that our government has told and...